Worse than a trailer hitch!

John Wilson

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darn right. That's a seriously nice truck. I'd be in no hurry to let 100lbs of meat crash into the front end.

Jon Buescher

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yeah, I have hit deer in every rig I have owned over the past 8 years. except my new 3/4 ton. just a matter of time....


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That's what everyone up there tells me, it's not if, it's when. I've had a few close calls with my old truck but haven't hit one yet.
The area I'm moving too is loaded with deer. I put a house up there last year and the deer are already walking thru the yard when I'm there. It's pretty cool, I've got a feeder I keep filled year round about a hundred yards from the house and I can watch it from my lazy boy while watching tv. I have about a half acre of iron clay peas growing next to it. next year the shop goes up.
it's going to be 33' x 60'. right now I'm working out of 2/3 rds of a one car garage.