Workshop rules!


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Shop rule #1: starting new projects is the sneakiest form of procrastination.
Shop rule #2: the best way to find something is to lose something else and look for it.
Shop rule #3: the best drive to finish a project is to start another project you don't want to work on.
shop rule #4: there is never a satisfactory number/quantity of tools, machines, or supplies.
shop rule #5: telling yourself "just one more (action) to finish" is probably the biggest workshop jinx of all.

thought this ought to be fun
add yours!


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When that little voice says "stop," then stop.
You can never have too much handle material.
"That's good enough" usually isn't.

Self Made Knives

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#11. You think you'll remember the grit of all those cut down pieces of sandpaper on the bench, next day, you won't.
#12. You think you've got the mirror polish done, sleep on it and tomorrow you'll see huge scratches that you missed.
#13. You think you can just hold down a scale with your hand because you're in a hurry, then it climbs the drill bit.
#14. The last couple of strokes with that file are the most dangerous, you'll let your guard down at the worst moment.

Brad Lilly

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15 finished knives always land point down when dropped
16 the scratch that you did not get out at 400 grit wont come out any easier at 600 grit


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#18 The next thing I'm going to reach for is right behind that bottle of leather stain sitting there with the cap off it.

Kevin Cross

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#18 I can make it a little bit better until I screw it up.
#19 No matter how many lights you have in your shop, you can see the scratches better at the knife show.


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23. Murphy was an optimist.
24. i know it hasn't been tempered, but i can put that blade in the big vise and take out that warp. TING

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Sorry guys got nothing but I'm getting a good laugh from you all. Some of those really hit home!!
Keep it up love it!

Travis Fry

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-Just because it doesn't look hot doesn't mean it isn't.
-Saving a few seconds of time isn't worth getting stitches.
-If superglue can't fix it, you probably need to just start over.
-When you make a dumb mistake that costs you a lot of time, saying "Shite!" (with a Scottish accent) doesn't really sound as bad as the regular "S" word.
-You can keep beer in your shop fridge, but that's the only interaction your shop should have with beer.
-Cockroaches are hard to hit with a hammer, but it can be done.
-You'll always run out soonest of the sandpaper grit you need most urgently.
-A man can never have too many hammers.
-You'll always get something on your good clothes if you don't change out of them, but your regular shop clothes will usually escape unscathed.
-Sparks burn holes in things when you least expect them to.
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You've done some process a thousand times, get it right every time until you go and try to show someone how to do it...........EPIC FAILURE....!
You try something new out of your comfort zone and it works out try and recreate it..................NOT HAPPENING.....!


Brad Lilly

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Anything hot out of the forge will always fall on
A-something flammable
B-something expensive
C-exposed flesh