WIP Presentation box set

Von Gruff

Those look great Vonn, you've got to drop a 1911 in one though for the whole picture. :D
When I get them done I will deliver them to the gunshop (12 hr drive) and will get a professional photographer to take the finished pics with the 1911 and grip sets all complete.

Von Gruff

I got all the discs inletted today. Necessary tools in the optivisor, hole punch with light hammer to mark the outline of the disc, fine carving chisels and small tapping mallet.

outline marked in

The edges V cut back

Inlet complete

And one of the discs sanded flush and ready for handle finish so I can get them re-etched this week. Unfortunately it was not possible to get a perfect curve to the disc without some marking of the surface to cleaning it off and getting it re-etched was the only option.
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Von Gruff

Thank you. I will be be delivering them to the gunshop next week. A 560mile/10-11 hr trip but it will be combined with the delivery of another 1/2 doz knives for him so well worth the drive.


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Garry, These presentation boxed sets are examples of your multifaceted skills. They will bring the pleasure of ownership for years to come. Thanks for showing your creative process.