Winter time has me itching to ride!


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Seems like as soon as I park the motorcycle for the winter, I already can’t wait to get back on it. I gotta get some saddlebags. Any riders out there that have recommendations? It’s a 2012 Harley Sportster 1200 XLC. I want some with fringes on them.944F58AC-6D92-4D92-9BF3-FBD234A4C66E.jpeg


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There ya go - bringing up all those old memories. I sold my last bike a couple yrs ago - I think I was 72 (3?) at the time. It had got very hard for me to get my leg lifted over the seat. I got my first bike about 12 yrs old, a 165cc Harley Davidson, then at 15 I got my first "real" bike - a '74 HD, and ex-cop bike out of Memphis, Tenn. It still had the red lights and police paint job. Hand shift and foot clutch. Been on bikes since. Built my first "Chopper" in '67 ('68?). That was when a question to the Editor of Cycle Guide on how to build a chopper got the answer "Go to hardware store and get an axe". I guess it was around 1970 I got rid my my last HD and purchased a Honda 750. Then in '97 I got my first 1500cc GoldWing.

Shucks, here I go showing how much of an "old man" I am talking about all those "yester years". Think about a 15 yr old kid kickstarting those old Harley's. I was 6'0" and 150 lb soaking wet at the time.