Wilson Combat Thanos Build


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Well I have been commissioned to do a series of 11 Thanos bowies for Wilson Combat. These are slightly smaller than my Original Thanos bit not by much.

Firing up the forge to begin forging out the bowies.

Shaping the blade

Drawing out the tang

thermocycling the blade to refine grain structure

almost complete

cooling and then done. Then 10 more to go.
Oh man I'm really lookin foward to this! Huge fan of your work, wasn't quite aware of it 'til I saw you and your blades on Joe Paranee's Blade show vids :thumbup1: .. Also, that is some damn good forging right there man! :eek:hmy: So what steel are these gonna be, and we there be any clay handening action? Can't wait ta see more! :)
Yesterday I got 2 more forged as well as a large Persian Bowie Heat treated for a customer. I spent about 3 hrs being interviewed by the local newspaper, apparently with the forged in fire show on people are interested in bladesmithing now.