Why the shield?

C Craft

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I have seen pocket knives with a shield on them as far back as I can remember, but why the shield. I think about this question every time I see one!!

Was the shield meant as crest from the maker?

Or was it there as a place for the owner of the knife to put his initials?

Or was there another meaning/use for the shield on pocket/folding knives??


I always wondered if it was there so a jewelry shop could personalize it with someone's initials....they always look bare to me...

Drew Riley

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As far as I know, shield were/are mainly for aesthetics, or for branding/trademark purposes, though some shield styles started lending themselves to personalization (engraving owner's initials, for instance).

I've also heard it's a nice way to help fasten covers, while "covering the pin" on the display side of the knife, though I'm not sure I really buy this reason. Yes, most higher end shields are pinned, but probably just as many are glued as far as production slippies go, and if it was really a way to hide one additional pin, I imagine there'd be shields on both sides. ;)