Why do you make knives? Poll

Why do you like to make knives?

  • 1) Out of need or neccesity.

    Votes: 2 7.1%
  • 2) To make a living or subsidize income

    Votes: 1 3.6%
  • 3) To make something from nothing

    Votes: 15 53.6%
  • 4) Other, Short discription why

    Votes: 8 28.6%
  • 5) Enjoy the process/satisfing your inner geek

    Votes: 21 75.0%
  • 6) So you can justify buying more tools

    Votes: 9 32.1%

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Good question. Should be an easy answer but it's not. Making a good quality, good looking knife shouldn't be too hard to do, but it is more complicated than it looks.
When it is not driving me totally nuts, it relaxes me.
It is a learning process (just like life), that seems to have no end , and that is very good for me.

Justin W.

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I'm seventeen and I can honestly say I used to bounce around from one thing to another playing drums, video games, trying to make odd and end things and whenever I would hit a wall in these things or I would fail I would loose interest or just give up ,that is until I found knife making. Whenever I would fail in knife making I didn't want to quit because I could figure out what It would take to make the knife better through that failure. I could use the failure as the foundation for improvement and thats exactly what I did. I'm getting close to 20 knives that I have made and I am still chasing that stupid rabbit down the hole !!!!!!! :)

Justin Presson

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Reading this was like looking into a mirror for me! My Brother is Super Competitive. He was visiting for the holidays last year and said "Well let me see one of those knives you made!!" As he rolled his eyes. I handed him one of them and the doubt ran off his face!! He then said "You made this??" Yes I said, "so you bought a blade and put a handle on it??" "NO, I bought a piece of rectangular steel, cut it to shape, ground in the bevels, heat treated it and attached the scales", his response "NO SH!#". Gave him one for Christmas, now he brags to all his friends he has a handmade knife his Brother built. In my world that is the ultimate compliment LOL!!
Exactly! I have to explain the same thing no I cut the steel out grind it heat treat it.....and so on.

Austin Thrasher

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i would say I make knives because I’ve got the genes of a craftsmen and I wouldn’t be satisfied not doing and making something. It is my creative outlet. I made my first one because I was tired of China made junk that broke or didn’t hold an edge. Since I couldn’t afford one, I decided to make my own and it’s just went further and further from there. I am a member of the Woodworkers Guild of America and one of their instructors named George Vondriska has a sign on his wall that really kinda captures a large part of why I like to make well, anything, but especially knives. It says, “I too will make something and glory in the making.”


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I find it interesting that 1/3 of you guys voted so you could justify buying new tools!! LOL!! Also was expecting more to vote for subsidize income?
Why do I make knives? Thats very deep question..I think alot people make knives because they can and will. For me I make them for hobby end of it. I have been clean and sober from drugs and alky for 19 years as of 11/02/2018. For me i have tried so many hobbies get my mind of drugs, did car models, rc planess, rc cars, took up guitar,......got into making knives seeing a guy make one out of a file so i tried it well here we are 4 years later and have i would say 25 knives under my belt....each knife i make i learn something new, buy another tool, watch more videos, teach myself something else. Make more jigs, buy more drill bits. In long run its now an obsession of things I eat, sleep, drink, dream of making knives.
And to all that do videos and put out info how and why do anything with with knife making thanks.... @BossDog is one that got into folders with drill template he came out with couple years ago. @BossDog Thanks sir..... :)
Just got me a Knife Dog pivot lapper couple weeks ago that thing was on my list. I in process of getting a mini mill in next few months. And also a mini lathe probably just going get a Taig lathe for now. dont see need get a "big" lathe like 7 x 12. Think a Taig lathe will do me fine make my own stand offs and trick out some Alpha knife supply pivot screws, I have tried the USA knife maker screws, but i like try everyone products see what best price and what works. I use SKD (Steve Kelly Designs) stand offs and Ti screws there made in USA so thats why us them. My biggest thing I love about knife making and why I do it you finish a knife "and think shit I should done that" Then build your next knife and forget that wanted do the other thing...lol
I could sit here for every and list "WHY" but when comes down to it knife makers are tight small crowd we enjoy the fact that we as a crowd will always of friends to lean on.
In short story I really have done knife stuff in last few weeks, I lost a aunt and cousin to a car wreck. My aunt was very awesome woman she had got me make a few knives for family for Christmas gifts and i was in middle of doing them and she passed everytime start work on them I pretty much breakdown and start cry and end up stopping,,,,,,,,,yeah i am big sissy :( . But I have get them done my uncle Donnie will be overwhelmed when he see it knows that i been working on it for few months. In long run of things I do enjoy the fact that i can make person happy....Its the fact when hand a customer a knife you made and reaction you get thats why i do it................gets me all warm and fuzzy inside :)