Who would be interest in?????

Indian George

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I have been asked by 4 people if I could have a Mini-Hammer-In on Nov. 13th. This would be 10 to 15 people. Bring your own booze and cook up a dish. It would be $15 to cover the coffee , donuts and propane.:s12138:
definitely interested....wait,bring your own booze???? what kind of HI is this anyway-

1 Indian George
2 Gary (Wolf) Rua
3 Mikey Cape
4 Shawn Scar
5 BBB Beaver
6 Kook
8 Paul Sabin
9 Ron R.
10 Bubba Sr. (Stabber)
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The extend forecast is stating that Saturday will be sunny in the high 50's and may even hit 60.:1971_dancing_dog: