Who Scheduled Bladeshow West?


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I chose not to attend because of the time of the year it's scheduled (hunting season)...... and the fact that I already have students scheduled in. I attended the old Blade West show, and it was nothing to brag about..... the venue was difficult to get to, and there was very low attendance/sales.

I have to admit that I am concerned about the change in ownership for both Blade Shows..... that concern is centered around if the shows will become more class acts, or will they become "flea markets"........... but will wait and see how it goes.

C Craft

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Don’t think I can make it lol. I think Cajuns have to get passports to go that far north.
Kevin that is the funniest comment I have saw in a while!!!

I was born and raised the first 18yrs of my life in a small town in the center of Nebr. So when I first came here in the South about 43 years ago, I was told I was a Yankee. I told them Nebr. was a territory back during the civil war. My wife who was born and raised in Florida would always tell me anything the other side of the Mason Dixon line was Yankee land! So now I have become a Damn Yankee, that is one who goes South and who won't go home. After 43 years I imagine I ain't going nowhere, they will bury me in Dixie!!
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