Where is the best place to find a small electric blower

Discussion in 'Hot Metal' started by A.W.Stovall, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. A.W.Stovall

    A.W.Stovall Well-Known Member

    for a small forge?
  2. Robert Mayo

    Robert Mayo Well-Known Member

    Any place that fixes or sells gas furnaces or wood stoves will have what you are looking for.
    At least that's where i would go but i don't know about Texas.

  3. EdCaffreyMS

    EdCaffreyMS Forum Owner - Moderator

    I'm gona say something here that I know will not be very popular......

    Don't use a shade pole (squirrel cage) blower on a forge.

    It will work for a while, but a shaded pole motor is not designed to work with ANY back pressure, and the motor winding will quickly overheat and the blower will burn out in a forge application. I used them myself for a number of years....and had to replace a blower roughly ever other month. I just thought that was the way things were, until I started asking my local motor repair folks about it, and learned more about those types of blowers. Most of them are designed to work with zero back pressure, and as back pressure is applied, their capacity to push air decreases, all the while heating up the windings until a "burn out" occurs.
    I suspect that some folks out there are using them and quite happy with them...but it's all going to depend on how much you run the forge. A shaded pole MIGHT last someone who doesn't run their forge very often or for long durations, but anything more than a few hours a week, and a shaded pole will soon be scrap metal.

    For the last several years I have been using blowers that are actually designed for forge use, and have not had a moments trouble from them. (When I run my forges, it's usually an all day long affair) Here's a link to the blowers that I would recommend: http://www.blacksmithsdepot.com/Templates/cart_templates/cart_browse.php?theLocation=/Resources/Products/Forges_and_Parts/blowers

    I have two of the 164 CFM models. I have to run it about 1/2 speed on my welding forge....so the 112 CFM might work well depending on the size of your forge.
  4. A.W.Stovall

    A.W.Stovall Well-Known Member

    Thanks Ed thats what i was looking for it looks like it has a built in air control with that flap also.
  5. ltcray

    ltcray Guest

  6. jwstarr

    jwstarr Member

    hay guys
    I had the same problem that Ed did with the sqirrel cage blowers. For the past few years I have been using a small elect. leaf blower. It is connected to two forges by 2 in steel and pvc with valves to control air flow and blower is outside for noise control. I have releif valve for excess air that I use for cooling tongs and handles welded on to billits. It would most likley been easier to go Ed,s way ?? but I injoy building things
  7. Diamond G Knives

    Diamond G Knives Well-Known Member

    Ive had the 164 CFM blower for years with nary a problem (except those cursed mud dobber nests!) Its amazing how much that little blower puts out! Almost like a leaf blower!!! Cant imagine anyone needing the Bogger 400 CFM one!

    God Bless
  8. McClellan Made Blades

    McClellan Made Blades Well-Known Member

    I did buy this blower, but they no longer offer the smaller blower, so I got the 164 cfm. If I need to restrict the air flow, will the gate valve work sufficiently? It's not quite ready to be fired up just yet, still have a couple more things to do to it, but I'm close. My blower came in yesterday if UPS ran, I'm a state employee so I had the day off, spent half of it at the scrap yard, the first time I got to go and have a long time to 'shop', I racked up! I knew I wanted to be able to put my forge on a bench, but I also wanted to mount it on a pedistal, scored the perfect piece, I'll send pics tonight, went ahead and bought 2 of them, they are quite heavy but at a quarter a pound, I jumped on both of them at the wife's urging! So I think I may mount my grinder on top of the other one, to save bench space and possibly position it close the door for more air flow. We are also refurbishing the shop, I needed more room for my work, my wife uses her side from time to time, and I wanted to be able to put my floor mounted machines out in the middle of the floor which I couldn't do on the other side, it's going to be awesome, although my carpentry skills aren't what you'd call good, they are adequate. Put up new walls, which will be painted WHITE, hopefully that will help reflect the light to make it brighter so my blind butt can see better. The pieces I got that will be pedistals are perfect, they have a fairly wide base,with holes, so I'll bolt at least one hole to the floor, to keep it from tipping. Any ideas for mounting my KMG to a pedastal? I could weld up a fitting with some tapped bolts to secure it, that was my first idea, but I'm open for ideas. It seems I'm not happy unless I've got 10 projects going at one time, and working 16 hours a day! Eventually I will get them done. Since we're renovating the shop that'll have to be finished, but as time allows, I'll tend to the rest of what needs to be done on the forge, it's not much and when it's all done it will be well worth it. Thank for the advice, Rex

    Oh, and I have an idea I would like for you to give me some feedback on, I'll need some time to get a drawing made, but I think it might be a neat way to build a press, IF my welding gets up to par! Or I can come up with a way to secure the frame to the base, I'll PM you when I get time to draw it up and have most if my ideas on paper. Thanks Buddy, Rex
  9. EdCaffreyMS

    EdCaffreyMS Forum Owner - Moderator

    If the air gate doesn't cut that blower back enough, you can always wire it to a ceiling fan speed controller. Mine has been wired that way since day one, and works great. Just be sure it is a CEILING FAN CONTROLLER, and NOT a light dimmer. A light dimmer will cause the motor windings in the blower to overheat, and burn out.

    Just remember to mount your grinder(s) at the proper working height for YOU. You want the grinding surface to be centered up with your elbow loosely locking into your sides, and bent at 90 degrees....no reaching up or down. Also remember that there will be times when you "hog" on your grinder, so make sure it's platform is stable and won't tip over if you put pressure on it.

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