What's your production EDC today?

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Here is my EDC, a Benchmade 610 Rukus SBK. Note a true EDC vs NIB. I always find if fun to see people with carry knives that still have a pristine factory edge. I know my knife gets a workout 2-3 times daily...

Also pictured is the smaller 615 Mini-Rukus.


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Rob Nelson

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Just got my first Spyderco, Manix 2 LW Translucent Blue CTS BD1 - it's kicked the Buck Vantage Pro with no looking back. 2.8 oz on my scale, gives a lot of knife, and the CBBL is solid.



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Just bought Firebird F7582AL http://ganzoknife.com/knife-ganzo-g7582/. This knife is well designed, reliable and with fantastic blade shape. Really like this model and recommend it to everybody:3:


Been carrying the new Para 3 for a few weeks now. Took some getting used to but starting to like it more and more.


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Been carrying this one for about 6 months now.
Kershaw Speedsafe 1660OLBLK.


Don't even remember buying this one; found it in my box of knives. The darned thing is SHARP. Within the first month or so carrying it it had bitten me twice. Have never had a knife this bloodthirsty before. First time was back in September. Was opening a package. Didn't even realize I was cut till I looked down and saw blood pooling on one of my knuckles. Wife put some of her essential oils (sorry, can't remember which one) on it then a bandage. Healed up quick as can be and didn't even leave a scar. Second time was on the way out to Wyoming in October. Reached into my pocket to grab some cash to pay for a meal and guess it had opened a little bit. Tip sliced/poked right into the nail and nail bed of my pinky finger. Didn't hurt at all but still gives me the willies just thinking about a knife going into my fingernail. Squeezed it a bit to encourage more bleeding, wiped it off, and put a bandage over it. Healing nicely, quite a bruise/blood pool under the nail. I now keep the sliding lock engaged so it doesn't open in my pocket again.

Only complaint, other than having to keep the sliding lock engaged, is that I wish it sat just a little deeper in my pocket. Design of the clip leaves a good 3/4" sticking out of the top with loose fitting slacks in the office it tends to want to tip and move.

On the good side, the knife and I have come to a mutual understanding. It doesn't bite me and I won't toss it back into the deep, dark, bowels of the knife drawer.


Been carrying a Benchmade Griptillian for a long time, but just switched to a new Kershaw 1660 Leek to try something new.
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I always carry my Spyderco Tenacious Value Folding Knife every time I go out camping, hunting, or fishing. Its really lightweight so I can just put it in one of the pockets of my cargo shorts. If youre looking to buy youre own EDC knife, get more information here.
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