What's up with the SPAM

C Craft

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Tittle says it all. Every day three or four more on the forum. I open them and repot as SPAM, the powers to be gets rid of them and wham. Four more pop up! I will never understand it! It is like obo calls I have never purchased anything over the phone. In fact it makes me determined than ever not to buy your product! Same way with SPAM!

C Craft

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I reported two this morning and I sign in and there is another posted 5 min. ago! :eek:

The funny part about this one is it is in Spanish and I don't speak a word of Spanish but, I still know SPAM when I see it!!:p


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we have several stop spam checks in place. This particular script is is a problem with all Magento sites. I have the web guy looking for a solution but so far he hasn't found one. In the mean time, report them and we will manually delete them.

C Craft

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How you gonna diet when they keep throwing SPAM at you. Actually the Jalapeno is editable with a box of crackers and fried over the camp fire!! Especially after fishing all day and not one fish! However I draw the line at spam and eggs for breakfast!!! :p

Wayne Coe

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When I was eating in the school cafeteria a few years ago, like about 60, on Monday we might have Spam, Tuesday Spam burgers,
Wednesday Bar-B-Qed luncheon meat (read Spam. Thursday Fried luncheon meat, and on Friday fish sticks. Now, I was raised in south eastern New Mexico and there were not Catholics in our school so why did I have to eat fish on Friday? To this day I like fish but I ain't eaten it on Friday!

I was reporting them every morning but finally decided that you guys probably had it covered, besides, surely Tracy checks it each morning, I'm just an hour ahead of him. Well maybe a couple of hours because of the time zones and I probably get up earlier than he does. :cool:

C Craft

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Well I thought they had a handle on the spam but I open the forum and full 4 course meal of spam! WTH I mean really what do spammers get out of this??? It is a shame some folks have nothing better to do!!