whats the best locking mechanism for a first folder?



hey everyone, im thinking of starting my first folder soon and im a little unsure of what locking mechanism i should use for it. i was thinking of maybe doing a friction folder or a liner lock but im not really sure of how easy those would be to make. any input or recommendations are greatly appreciated. thanks.
Best first lock

Having never done a friction lock i can't comment there, but I asume they're simple.

Linerlocks are fantastic but there are a few ins and outs you need to know. Books like Bob Terzuola's "Anatomy of a Tactical Knife" are phenomenally useful.

If you don't have a reference book, major things to remember are:

1)A lock face of 7 - 8.5 degrees (a flat sander or an adjustable platen are vital)

2)Your spacer(s) need to be the thickness of the blade PLUS the washers - this seems simple enough but i've seen tonnes of folders with this simple error (made it myself too!!!!)

3) get your blade surface ground and check your machines so they drill perpendicular (true for any folder)

4)You have to:
1-either make the ball detent stick out to the same level as your washer
2 - thin your lock bar to allow the ball detent to move out of the way
3 - do a framelock where you needn't worry about it:)

If you need any help with fitting all the components in, drop me a PM and I'll give you a hand, you just dictate the silhouette.
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