What is your favorite collaboration knife?

John Barker

What is your favorite collaboration knife and why?

I must say, I really like the Ken Onion / Kershaw collabs. I've had a few and Ken's stuff rocks. Kershaw does a great job with the execution too. The assisted mechanism with Ken's blade shapes and handle designs are second to none IMO.
I like the RJ Martin ones too by Kershaw but the Hawk collabs have been the most fun for me. I loved that ET folder so much I had to buy a custom one from Gavin just to have it too. I own four of the Kershaw ET models with my favorite one being the urban camo one. My wife loves her ET I got her in the rainbow blade. Those Hawk guys are geniuses. :D Their ZT folder is awesome too!

Allen Elishewitz and benchmade. Even though his name is not on the blades anymore the 912\913, 906\907, 140 nimravus are still staples in the line-up. for past tense stuff the 690,730, and original 910\9100 stryker\auto strykers are some of the best around.

Mike Snody and benchmade as well The HK14205 nuff said
Spyderco Micarta Goddard - full size
Benchmade AFCK -Carracci
Kershaw E.T - G&G Hawk
Kershaw/Onion -Blackout


Why? I bought them right when they first came out (I don't know how long that's been, but it's been a while) and they've been my EDC ever since! Blackout on the right side, M16-03 on the left side...they make quite a pair...seriously, they are like appendages now! 2thumbs -Matt-
The CKCA donation Knife for this year is about as good as it gets. Except for maybe some of the Warenski's with Buster doing the knife and Julie doing the engraving.
Oh this is that production stuff never mind!
Personally, I LOVE the Kershaw Onion Shun kitchen knives! Very sweet and functional.
(And that Spyderco / Viele Collab with the with the ball lock and white handle)
Collabs are a very sweet way to get good innovative designs without paying for the high cost of the real deal.
Of course.... they do tend to make you want to buy the real deal.mo moneypaypal 1
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I carry mostly slipjoints. The Bose/Case models seem very well put together.
For production knives ,Ken Onion made the speed safe /assist open a MUST for every production house in existence. So hes way up front.
The random task that started it all,.leek, the scallion ,bump, blackout, the huge Offset model,Then the ZT series, the 301 in particular with Onion/Stryder .
Lots of Benchmades-the Skirmish being high on the list.
Spyderco/Veile,still a wicked lookin knife even in this age of combo grind monsters.
So ,so, many.

For customs,.. geez, theres just too many to name .
Spyderco Endura with Emerson Wave. Does this count as a collaboration? Really nice and light EDC that I like to clip on when wearing pullup shorts. The Wave feature makes it easy to deploy even when out of breath and puffing hard.
I like a Case Bose Dog Leg
I like a Dozier Kabar LB hunter,too
I'd have to say that the Kershaw/JL Williams OD-1 is my favorite production collaboration knife so far. The blade profile is one of the best out there for fine cutting, the handle feels great in the hand, and the flip action is amazing on it, especially for a production knife. It even has a Hinderer-style lock bar stabilizer on it, and street price is less than $50, which makes it a steal.

There are some really cool Benchmade collabs coming up that I've gotten wind of that may surpass this one, though. Can't wait to see how those turn out!


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