What I’ve been up to lately.

2086EFA8-BAA8-479A-8F13-495C0014327F.jpeg95391DC1-9B6D-448A-927A-251E726BC917.jpeg804E39FB-708A-44A3-A3E9-5B835C0A628E.jpegC493EE78-B960-4772-BD66-0A5EED43ABED.jpegHey guys!!! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted on here but I always watch the classifieds lol. Life has been crazy in the shop and my orders keep flooding in.

As of last week I officially have a LLC and I am still grinding hard to make this a full time gig one day. It hasn’t been easy but I’ve been having a freaken blast so I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!!!! Thanks for checking it out

Doug Lester

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On the first picture with the four knives. How do they feel in the hand? Except for possibly the top one it looks like the handles are a little small.

Hey Doug!!!! So these are just little edc blades that are just made to be held with three fingers in the gap with your pinky resting on the butt of the handle

These are NOT hunters or else I would have designed that handle a lot different but I find it pretty comfortable for just boxes, straps , letters and tape


I got a knife off Justin last summer. I know he said they weren't hunters but they served their purpose for me. Here's some pictures of it splitting joints for me on some grizzly someone gave us. This was a big one.
I've never had anything kydex before but I like the sheath. It's got good retention and is super comfortable. I can't even notice it taking naps.
Thanks again Justin!


No I was waiting till I got a moose so I could hopefully get a picture of your knife with it. I thought that would have been a much nicer post.
Then our season doesn't close until Jan 1st so was still looking for an opportunity the first half of the winter. I had one but wasn't sure how post rut moose would taste so I decided against taking it. I snapped those of that bear just in case I didn't get one.

Those guys who got that said it was a big bear. As I mentioned in the PM that's the first time I ever worked on anything bear - it's got some mean looking bones. No wonder they're so easy to get upset. They're probably aggravated and grouchy all the time.


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My fist post Justin. I had to say what GORGEOUS blades you have here. I put together kitchen knives, and I'm OCD about handle design, yours really look great. I'm in awe. Keep it up.