Western Repair and a Pak Bowie


Here is recent batch of repairs and a Pakistan bowie, all commission work. The hatchet-knife interchangeable combo had a broken spring clip on the one handle which made an SS replacement for it and knife blade had bench grinder marks on it so was a re-grind. The skinner is a model 239 and was in best shape of all but had light pitting so did a minor re-grind on it. The one with the "plastic stag" was in pretty bad shape as someone roughly reshaped the handle and put some serrations on blade which had to clean up. The bottom one had a missing piece of leather in handle but some nice patina I left on blade. The Pak Bowie was a unharden blank sent me that put a nice piece of crown stag on and it came out pretty good. Thanks for takin' a look.

I sure do like the looks of your restorations. I'm glad someone claims these pieces from the scrap pile and puts them back together. You do nice work. Keep it up.
Thanks DeMo, yep like classic cars, older knives have a nostalgia to them that is appealing - it's a joy to restore them...
"Older knives have a nostalgia to them that is appealing"

Agreed! My first knife was a Western. I do not remember what happened to it. I lost it, somewhere/sometime during my earlier life. I wish I still had it.

My father gave it to me for my 13th birthday.

For my 21st birthday he gave me a Buck 110. I still have that one in the gun safe.