Welsh Set of three stone


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I bought the set of three Welsh stone in 152*76 mm.


From left to the right Dragon Tongue, Purple LLYN Melynllyn , Dark Green Gray Slate

I took everything on that address

The price is good, that is the shipping cost which is a bit expensive, but the shipping is perfectly packed and by UPS. I paid more or less 80 euros but the set is also in 150*50 for more or less 56 euros shipping included.


That is something i know well because i use that sort of stone from more or less 1 year know. I took the first one on the link under.

That stone need some lap work before to be used, but after that that is a great stone. The one I obtain with the set of three stone is already ready to hone :D with 152*76*10 mm. That is a hard stone, the slurry is done with the slurry stone offer with the set. The slurry lubricate well the stone and give some more cutting power. The work is fast with that stone and the size of the set is ok for most of the straight razor blade.


The stone is the same size than the dragon tongue, but the thickness is 20mm instead of 10mmn.
I think it’s more or less a 12-15k stone, the purple slurry done with the slurry stone is fast to do, the slide is sweet but you can feel the work on the steel. To be honest with a *60 magnifier you don’t see a real difference with the dragon tongue. But I think that with a more powerfull magnifier you can see the variation. That is a faster stone than the Chinese 12k I have from “open_razor”. It’s a hard stone interesting.
Dark Green / Gray Slate


The last one and the most fine from the kit. A 15k +. One more time it’s a hard stone from 2cm thick. The two side are laped as on the other stone. The one I obtained is more gray than green, the slurry is a bit gray and very light and almost milky, it lubricate the stone and improve the slide of the steel. The most interesting thing of that stone except the grit is the odor of a wet stone by rain heated by the sun before that. Really sweet odor.
I only honed 4 straight now. But the result after the three is great. No need to use leather before first shaving. The stone is ok by herself. The cut is smooth.

I’m very happy of that set, that is a very affordable set for somebody whose hone a lot of straight as I can do.