Welcome to our newest knife club forum...Central Alabama Knifemakers...


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Welcome to our newest club forum.

If you have a knife related club and want to get a place to call home, we can set you for no charge.
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Thanks Guys!!!!
This is an awesome thing for you guys to do, I guess I need to introduce myself to all the knifmakers in the Central Alabama Area, I live in Deatsville, Autauga County(side). If you're within reasonable distance, unless you like to drive, YOU ARE WELCOME to join us, guys, girls, old and young, if you are knife nut you are welcome to come join us, all you have to do is have a love for knives and/or making them. We have had our first meeting, last month, as of right now dues are set at $0.00, that is what we decided to go with until the time comes that we have to charge dues. We will be doing some raffles, custom hand made knives, from current members, and maybe a few other ***CHOICE*** items, possibly some knife making supplies, and who knows what else!? Maybe a few sellect pieces from my wood stash!!! MAYBE!!! Part of my stash is on my living room mantle, yeah, a sweet piece of Amboyna Burl!! With some sap wood on it!! It's too pretty to put in my stash box!!!!

The proceeds of the raffles that we will be having will go directly toward putting on an annual Hammer-In, and possibly Folder-In! Yup, I ripped that one right off Boss, I guess he came up with it, he's the first one I ever heard use the term. There are so many things to tend to, I am not sure when we will kick the first annual Hammer - In off. We're going to focus on learning from each other before we jump into something too expensive! Get established first, then the sky is the limit!!!

The goal of this club is first and foremost to SHARE with anyone that wants to learn, it doesn't really matter what stage you are at as a knife maker, beginners to established, come share your knowledge and I'm sure you'll learn something as well! Or if you're new to knife making and are wanting to learn how to make knives, come join us!

The main reason I started this club is so that we, Knife Makers, can get together and learn from each other, to share knowledge, experiences, and skills with other members. Which is the best way for most to learn, some might even get one on one teaching, depending on the skill that is being presented. I'm sure there have been many people that wanted to learn to make knives that have had at least one bad experience with some maker that felt like his time was better spent doing something else, I have even heard that some makers have said, " I had to learn the hard way, everyone else should have to learn the same way", I myself have had an experience simiar to that, but I guarantee that you will not have that experience in this club!!!!

I also want to invite any Collectors that want to join this group, do know that you are welcome no matter where you live, if you live close enough to the Central Alabama location, you are WELCOME to join us, come to our meetings, and learn about something you didn't know, and probably teach others something as well!

This will be a FAMILY FRIENDLY CLUB! My family is most likely going to be around most of the time, and my 13 year old son will be present about all the time. Which brings me to the youth, the future of knife making. Kids are WELCOME! With a supervising adult! To me anyone under 20 is a kid! But I guess, 18 can be unsupervised until proven different.

We will have disclaimers for adults to sign for themselves and their children, releasing the shop owner that we have meetings of any legal claims, as we all know knife making can be very dangerous, it only takes a careless second and serious injury can happen.

All members will be resonsible for their own safety glasses and respirators, if anyone is in the forging area, safety glasses are required, in the grinding area, safety glasses and respirsators are required!! This is non-negotiable!!!
If you don't bring your own equipment, you will not be allowed to get close to the action!!!! These are basic safety rules, that should be followed in most everyones shop, if you're not, then you should be!!!

This will be a nice club! Which means everyone will be nice to each other both at meetings and away from meetings, this club will be the place to be when you want to be happy...a new HAPPY PLACE, if you will!

Thanks Tracy and Steve, this is a great opportnity for me to reach as many folks as I can to come join us, make some knives and generally have a great time,
Thanks so much, Rex