Welcome Central Arkansas Knifemaker's Group


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The Central Arkansas Knifemaker's Group is brand new to Knife Dogs. Please help me in welcoming the newest addition to our community.

As many of you know, Arkansas is packed full of knifemakers ranging from beginning hobbyist to Master Smiths. Rather you are a stock removal guy or a traditioinal forging smith we welcome makers of all levels to join our group and enjoy the fellowship and knowledge shared at our monthly gatherings.


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This is great!
We've had a LOT going on since the first of the year and have more to come.
I know you have some photo's of the last get-to-gether and I believe Allen Newberry has some of a few times before. Might be able to talk Chuck out of some of the photo's of the show. And there's that video that Wild Man Steve Wilson did on one of the meatings.

I know it will take some time to just catch up with all that has hapened in the last couple of months but this place is going to ROCK.

Murph I got your message earlier but I was at work and my boss wanted me to go with him to chase down a white hawk, you know how demanding my job is:biggrin:

I would also like to say THANKS to Boss for even making this place possible :35:


Allen Newberry

newberry knives
Here are a few snapshots from the meetings:

Lin Rhea forging out a blade.

John Perry shaping a handle.

Lin Rhea heat treating a couple of blades and braking them to show what is going on inside the steel of a properly treated knife and an overheated knife.

Here is John Perry showing how he uses broaches to make make room for a knife's tang.

This is John Perry about to fit a guard.

This is Lin Rhea demonstrating how to finish a blade.