Week 9 Photo Contest submissions CLOSED- No Theme - Wide open


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Post your week 9 photo contest entries here...
No theme guidelines for this week (or final week 10)....

One entry.
Show us what you got.
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I'll get the ball rolling. I don't know what I'll do for next week, hopefully I'll have a new knife finished and a little extra inspiration. There's a little of everything I've learned in the past few weeks in the pic....and until I invest in better equipment, this is about as good as it's gonna get :biggrin:. I have a confession to make though. Bossdog was correct. I've been getting so much feedback lately on how good looking my knives are and a few extra orders as well...all results I'm attributing to this contest and me getting off my butt and trying to take better pictures. Thanks!

One from the late Ruben Calo...

Blade by A.Kawasaki based on his design - handle, bolsters and engraving were my doing - steel is his own special melt stainless called AST24 - hand finished - handle is Arizona Ironwood. An interesting thing are the characters just in front of the bolsters, he added it to all if not most of his blades. The hollow grind in only on one side as were most of his knives. Unfortunately Mr.Kawasaki never got to see this knife. His words to me were "design is everything"- wonderful friend, great knifemaker. Nikon D100 - Nikkor 50mm Macro lens

Kawasaki Carter copy.jpg
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Thank you so much Cally!
It was a fun build.
I have made other file knives but this one was my favorite.
Hope it gets a win in this photo contest.