WARNING: "Smart Fortress 2012"


Super Moderator and KD Blade Show Boss
I don't know if you guys are familiar with this virus or not, but I recently had a really horrible run in with it. While trying to do research on a knife I've been considering putting on the market I visited numerous dealer's sites checking values of the maker's work. Then I opened a new page and it hit me!

My pc starting acting really stupid so I did a shut down and rebooted it. When I rebooted it, what I initially thought was my McAfee software popped up wanting me to renew my software subscription and listed over thirty maleware and viruses that it said had infected my pc. I then realized that it wasn't McAfee and tried to exit and run a scan but it wouldn't allow me to open McAfee. I did a quick search on my phone for the virus and found a site that gave instructions on how to kill it. I immediately did a web search on my pc to download the needed software. It took quite a while to get it downloaded fighting the virus. Once downloaded, "Smart Fortress 2012" blocked every attempt to run any counter software.

I sought the help of a local pc guru and he informed me that the virus is quite the pain to get rid of. He even informed that the best of security softwares can't block it. Luckily, in a fit of frustration and desperation, I contacted a buddy. Friend and fellow KD, Dustin Vance informed me he could solve my problem and save me the $300 repair fee I was looking at (kind of a stiff fee considering I can replace the three year old computer with the new version for $350). Dustin has my computer right now and messaged to tell me he should have it back to me this afternoon. I'm very thankfull for his assistance.