Andrew Takach

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I forged this camp knife out of a round of W1 that a guy was selling on the forum. The handle is supposed to be African blackwood, but i think im starting to question that.

The knife is very well balanced and has a forged in taper to the tang. The blade is flat ground with a slight convex edge.

thanks for look'en


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real nice piece of work !! good job on hamon . man that parks is gettin high .but the hamons it produdes are great . I like it myself a lot . my wife says it stinks . good blade shape very japanese looking, almost hira -kuzuri. style. ... bubba


Looks real good. I have been loving the look of your recent work.


Andrew Takach

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Nice work. Getting a hamon that bold is not easy. You did it well.

thanks matt, ive seen your work, it's 1st class stuff. and your right, i have been quenching a heck of alot more blades than ive been finishing. it's like a science all in itself. again hope to see you in ohio;)

thanks all, i appreciate the positive comments


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Great job, and the wood looks a lot like Ziricote', but couild be just the pix, one of those "need to see it closer' things