Video of My first 5160 Bowie. Also did 2x4 abuse test.



I am new here so let me introduce myself.
My name is Cody Oebel, Im 27yr old
Male out of Von Ormy, Texas just shy
a few miles from San Antonio. I'm a
hobbyist of all different kinds of things,
but entered a knife making contest a
month or two back. Didnt win, didnt even
make an entry on time, and started with
nothing bot fire and a plumbers hammer
to hand forge my first knife out of rebar.
It was crap in the least, but from
hammering on it. Something about my
OCD disorder and hammering on steel
injected knife making into my blood
from that day on.
I cannot explain to any man what knife
making does for me in my mind.
It slows down all these millions of thoughts
that I am overwhelmed by on a daily basis, and
puts me in a calm storm focus on the blade.
It drove my wife nuts. I would be silent going to
the super market going to town, and it bugged
her to death, because the entire drive to where
we were going.. as I pushed the shopping cart around
I was silent. I was living in my head only thinking
about the knife I am making. So to make her understand
I got her into making the sheaths for me. It turns her crank
just the same! Well here's our first video folks. Enjoy!
Merry Xmas

Doug Lester

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The spacer would have worked better if it was as wide as the shoulders of the blade. I'm not a big fan of forge finished blades but it looks like that you did a good job of shaping it. The handle was massive but it goes well with the oversized blade and the performance test shows that you got the heat treatment right. All in all, I'd say a good job for the equiptment that you had to work with.

Doug Lester