Various straight razor.


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6/8 , titanium, 115w8 blade with differential hardening, double tempering to 200°c, Near wedge grind (300mm wheel). Titanium spacer, stainless screw and nylon washer. Toxified and anodised.

3 various univers

That one has been done with droid reformed steel (X15Tn for the blade and Ta6V4 for the back.). The X15Tn droid was a industrial bantha steack cutting droid on Tatooine and Ta6V4 was a pilot droid destroyed by a phaser shot.
The mecanism on scale are from a 50's clock which was to a cyclopes member. The copper scale stayed during years and years in Victoria Desert.

It's more or less a 5/8-6/8 blade :D

Hippo, C130 water hardened. Double tempering to 200°c
Boxwood scale, rosewood spacer, spyderhole licenced by spyderco. It's a 6/8