Up coming KCKA Shop Tour


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Coming up soon! Shop Tour #4

April 3rd 2010 - David Sloan's Shop
(406 Kelley St. Diller Ne 68342)

10:00am - Start with a meet and greet and tour.

11:00am - Dave Sloan demo on touch marks and three
different ways to do them.

12:00pm - Lunch will consist of Catfish and BBQ pork (for
those who do not like fish).

1:00 - 2:00pm - Knife "show and tell" open to any and all.
Bring examples of your work in process or finished and any
knives that you collect that would be of interest. Also,
Original Richtig Display board on site (Provided by Harlan
“Sid” Suedmeier).

2:00-3:30pm - Framed Handles demo by Ed Lindheart of
Spirit Lake Iowa.

We will hold another "Iron In The Hat" raffle drawing at the
end of the day at Davids shop tour to help raise money for
the KCKA.

4:00-5:00pm - Wrap up.

Here's a new segment that I'm going to have. Jon Moore a Nebraska Knifemaker and a member of the ABS has agreed to do a drill bit sharpening demo followed by how he does his fluxless Damascus.

Everyone please remember to bring some of your current works or blades of interest.

Dave from Diller

Phil Evans

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Dave, Thanks again, this was a very fun and informative shop tour!!! We are very fortunate to have such a great group of guys associated with the KCKA.


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Here are some photos from the shop tour. Hopefully someone else has some good photos to put up.

The first photo is of our fearless leader Steve Culver.
The second is Phil Evans with his winnings
The third is some of Dave D's knives
The fourth is H."Sid" Suedmeier in front of his Richtig Display board
And the myself under my 100# Little Giant

Dave from Diller


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Thanks again for inviting me to the Shop Tour and to join the KCKA. I am looking forward to the next one! Another Nebraska recruit...the organization is already going to heck!
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Steve Culver

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The first photo is of our fearless leader Steve Culver.

Fearless leader......LOL!

I told Red when she took that photo that it did look like me; always running my mouth.

Thanks to Dave and Channing for hosting an excellent event. Thanks too to all of the demonstrators. The demos were well done and offered a lot of good information.

As always with these events, not only was a wealth of information shared in the demos, but a ton of knifemaking expertise was exchanged in side conversations.

Ed Day

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Yes sir that was a great hammer in. I learned new things, good food and great people. But i always learn new things at are hammer in's and have fun. Good members that well show you there ways of doing things (no secrets). Again thanks Dave & Channing (red) lol. And to all KCKA member for being who there are.