TW-90 surface grinder Sold

Daniel Macina

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TW-90 surface grinder. Pretty much brand new. Only blemishes are from tightening down the tooling arm and a little bit of Epoxy or something on the handle that could probably be scraped off neither affect performance at all. This has the extended magnet as well. I was thinking sold shipped. It’s pretty much brand new. Somewhat flexible on price. Please let me know if you would like to see any other pictures or anything.14F4872E-2D57-45ED-9BB3-D96CF150B30B.jpegE093F468-4799-4726-B507-A64BC358D4F2.jpeg226AF3A4-6726-47E7-87F9-B967CBECEDBB.jpeg5FC0AF35-8B13-4731-A017-E1C7D5DC1CF8.jpeg55723552-63AE-405D-BDB0-B36260F102A2.jpeg
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