Tutorial - Make a grinding magnet

Mike Jones

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This is a tutorial of how to make one of these:

Get some scrap wood (I used locust, because I think it's pretty), mild steel, two ceramic magnets, and some pin stock (forgot it in the pic)

Line it up/drill two holes in the steel. Measure it to stand out from the wood somewhere near 1/8"

Match up the holes on the wood, again with the steel sticking out a little

Cut the wood into two pieces (one for each side) I also cut another piece without holes for the bottom

Epoxy and clamp it all together

Peen the pins, smooth the corners, make sure the top edges are clean and line up correctly (grind them to be equal)

Put a coating of your choice (I used wax) to help protect the wood and part of the steel.

Now you're done, with a nice wooden magnetic holder to help you grind!
One thing to watch out for is while the wood will stay pretty insulated, the pins can still get very hot, so if you're grinding heavy, don't hold the pins.

Tod Lowe

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That looks pretty cool but Im not sure what its for.:eek::confused:
I know you put the knife in it to hold while grinding but what is the advantage of using this over using your hand? Im a noob and have never seen one in action so sorry about the dumb question.

Great tutorial and pics by the way.2thumbs

Tod Lowe

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Check this thread out. It shows one in action: http://www.knifedogs.com/showthread.php?t=128

Yeah I commented on that thread.......pretty sweet tutorial also. Thanks.
I dont see how that would work with this jig if the knife fits inside the taco part. I understand the use of a magnet to hold the steel so you dont burn your fingertips off but the shape of this one is what is throwing me off.
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John Barker

The knife doesn't fit in the taco. It fits flat against the edges of the taco. Taco... Never thought of that.

Mike Jones

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Actually the magnetism goes through the 1/8" steel plates, and it gives a stronger magnetic force than just the two magnets inside.

Here's a pic of this shape holding steel:

Tod Lowe

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That makes more sense now!
Im an idiot. For some reason I had it set in my mind that the knife went in it like a taco....:D Tomorrow is all you can eat 5 dollar tacos so maybe im distracted.:D

That holder is sweet too and I may have to build me one now.
Thanks .


I just bought a 100 pound magnet from harbor freight to use.

besides aesthetic reasons, is there any reason this one would work better?

Mike Jones

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I'm not sure, because I haven't used the 100lb one, but that one may have better rust resistance, if it is dunked, but this one could offer better heat resistance, because wood is an insulator, while steel is a conductor. Not sure though, but that's my guess. Also it cost me less to make this one than to buy the other one.