Triple Dyed Stabilisation wood ..How ??


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I might have posted this twice but here goes.

Hi Gents.

I am hoping someone might have the time to be able to talk me through the colouring of wood when stabilising. I have some lovely patterned wood which I am told will take up the colour but my research on how to do this is getting me no decent results.

The first thing I have done is I had a batch of stabilising solution so I have coloured that a vivid red with some powdered dye and also some red water based sheath colouring dye, no probs as it has all stayed together. So I take it that this will be ok for a single colour?

Now I also want some more vivid dyes which need to be available to me in the UK as buying abroad will cost me a fortune. So what dyes do I need and what dyes tend to go well and in what combinations....either single , double of triple dyed.

I also need to know how to do the process... single dye with my red solution will be easy of course.

But if I want to do double or triple how do I do this with other pieces of wood...

Are they dyed with one colour, left to dry then another added and of course would this not mean the wood is coloured all the way through?

All seems a bit confusing from what I have seen on the net?

Many thanks and hopefully someone can help.