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Church & Son

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This pic was saved as “Crow 1880″…A simple pouch sheath with some decorations…


The knife was probably a ‘Green River” or similar, sharpened to death with some rawhide stitched over the old handle, maybe as a repair for split wood…These pics have intrigued me, who made it, who used it and sharpened away half the blade, where did the decorations come from,ect…We are talking 1880, no big box stores then...….

Here’s my interpretation of a trade knife with native sheath…The knife I found alongside the river in St. Louis, just the end of the handle sticking up..…Both ends of the handle were worn away so I poured a bolster and buttcap from pewter…I done some repairs on the split wood with wire and rawhide…The sheath is a pouch “Crow” style where the belt goes over and threw the slot…The body is a scrap side from an old rifle scabbard, a little beading and cones added for frills….
Maybe 100 years from now someone else will look at our stuff and wonder……Randy





Wade Hougham

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Very cool!!! Nice job of recreating the old style with both knife and sheath.
Just one question. How are those eyes feeling after all of the beading????:22::eek:nline2long:

BossDog & Owner
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the detail and execution is amazing -- again.
It's always a pleasure to see your interpretation of period knives..

Church & Son

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Thanks Jonathan...Like the new blog...More stuff!!

Tracy, always a pleasure..and thanks for the space....

Appreciate it Tai, also learned a lot on your new blog....

Wade, thanks, and I do the Ray Charles beading thing...Music and dark glasses, look at it after it's done......

Thanks James...