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I've been making knives for about a year and a half now. I've made and sold 78 to date. Figured it was to cold to heat the shop today so I'm taking some time to learn this forum better. Figured to post up some of my builds. Here's the first knife I made and sold. It's made from 1095, handle scales are red oak and brass pins & lanyard provision.


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Here are the heat treat/temper & edge retention test I do on each knife. The knife shown is one I recently finished.

Here's a SS chef's knife that is now calling home in New Hampshire. The handle and live edge stand are Black Birch which was supplied by the customer.
Here's something I've wanted to build for some time. Finally the right opportunity presented itself for me to go with it. A set of 4 steak knives each with a different wood for the handle. Red Oak, Crab Apple, Black Walnut & Honduras Mahogany. The blades are stainless steel and the holder/display is a shed antler. This will be given away as a prize in a trail cam contest.

Here's a set that was picked up today. A guy I use to work with had them made for his son & grandson who is 13. The grandson shot his first bear this year. The handles are made from the bears leg bone & have a shot gun shell embedded in the end. The display was made to hold both knives and when the grandson gets his own place it can be cut in half for his knife it made from black birch and a piece of leg bone.

It's been a real slow few months. I had a major surgery in early December and just now getting back to making knives. Here's a set of 3, I just finished. Father, Son & Grandson all 1095 stone washed. Handles left to right Locust, Maple Burl & Crab Apple. 20240115_121428.jpg 20240115_121331.jpg
Here's one I just finished. The handle is egg shells embedded in a clear epoxy. Plans were to make this a very patriot build and paint the sheath Red, White & Blue. Unfortunately 2 of the 3 colors were bad, so here's how it ended up. I do have to say the picture doesn't do the handle justice.