To the great people of this forum.

Bob Warner

I would like to thank the people of this forum for their long term support I have been lucky enough to receive.

You guys have given me a lot of help recently and I know you have been expecting to see knives out for me already but I have been working on two potential income opportunities that I just could not pass up.

The first it the recycled plastic made into blocks for building homes in 3rd world countries. This is ongoing and gaining speed rapidly with some big named people joining the mix. I think it is going to work. We have been written up in the paper and are now on You tube.

The second and most important to me personally is that I FINALLY landed a job. I start the 10th of January (possibly earlier).

I will be the welding Manager for a start up branch of a large company. I will be given a large area and I will design and install all the equipment to make large structure trusses. Up to 320' in width and as long as needed for airplane hangers, boat dry docks warehouses and such.

I will then be in charge of all the welders and equipment as well as schedules and everything else needed to get products out the door.

The pay could be better but it is a lot higher than ZERO.

After a bit of craziness I will be able to relax and just do my thing with some free time where I don't have to kill myself trying to make a buck. I am really looking forward to it. It also has benefits, something I have been without for about 7 years.

All in all, things are looking up. Hope I can excel in this job and get the pay up a bit but it will be fun starting from scratch and building a factory.

Not bad for a self taught welder.

Again, thanks for all the support, I really appreciate it.



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Good things come to good people Bob. I pray your new ventures (and adventures) are fruitfull and exciting. Congratulations!!!

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good to hear about the job's been awhile coming. Have a better New Year this year.

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I've been following your travails for quite some time and the news of your new job is some of the best news I've heard in I don't know when. Congratulations! Knock 'em out of the park.



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Congrads Bob! Keep your powder dry and the wind at your back when you can.
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Bob Warner

It is funny that things are turning around, I don't know how to act. I start on the 10th.

The plastic block project is taking off also. Mother earth news released a story on it this morning and I talked with a TV producer today who may want to do some filming soon. Hopefully this can take off as well.

I appreciate the great support.


WA Martin

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Congratulations, Bob and ditto what Murph said. Hopeing this works out well for you and meets your needs as well.


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That's great news Bob, I wish you the best and hope all works out in your favor. It's about time something good has come your way.