Tire Hammer Plans by Clay Spencer ?

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    Ray Clontz Tire Hammer Plans by Clay Spencer

    These plans are for a 50 lb. power hammer that uses the rear axle and hub from a front drive car and emergency spare tire and weighs about 700 lbs.

    It is powered by a 1 hp, 1750 rpm electric motor, 120 or 240 volts, runs about 250 blows per minute and uses a spring toggle mechanism similar to Little Giant hammers.

    The anvil is 6" solid round (minimum size) by 36" high and the frame is 5" square tubing.

    The plans are 40 pages, printed front and back on 20 sheets that include parts list, detail and assembly drawings, sources, notes, installation, adjustments and maintenance.

    Over 200 hammers have been built using these plans.

    Price is $30US including postage to US and Canada, $32US to other countries.
    Send check or money order to Clay Spencer, 73 Penniston Private Drive, Somerville, AL 35670. Tel: (256) 498-1498 or E-mail clay@tirehammer.com for info.
    Also, Clay leads workshops for chapters or groups to build 15 to 20 hammers and has Tire Hammers for sale.

    Does anyone have experience with these hammers & specifically these plans?



    Recommendations good or bad?
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    I know a number of people who have participated in Clay's workshops. All have gotten well running hammers. I have seen these hammers used and think for the money it is a very good mechanical hammer, similar to a Little Giant. Participating in a workshop the hammer costs about $1,000.00 US. Clay and John Wayne Taylor, both in Alabama sell the hammers for abut $2,500.00. Attending a workshop is the way to go,,, or buy one. Otherwise you should be able to build the hammer from the plans. I have not seen these plans but did participate in a workshop where we built Inline Treadle Hammers from Clay's plans. We accomplished this without Clay directing the workshop and we built 15. Clay has lots of jigs that make the job easier but it can be done without his jigs. There will be one raffled at the ABANA Conference in Memphis in early June. Alabama Forge Counsel will have one for sale at the Conference in Tannehill the first weekend after Labor Day.
    Clay's workshops is the basis of my doing workshops for building welded versions of the NWG.
    IMHO for $1,000 to $2,500 you can not do better. This hammer has very good control. My only complaints with it are:
    I like dies that are larger than 2" X 3", though I rarely work anything larger than the dies (and you certainly won't when making knives) and
    I have a Big Blu 155# hammer and do work larger stock than you can work with a 55# hammer. A Big Blu 155 Max is $6,295.00 and I have about $2,000.00 in compressors.
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    Wayne, thanks for the reply

    I have seen the ads for the workshops and would love to do that It looks like fun.
    The travel from Canada down there and the freight to ship a hammer back is something I can't do right now. I think those things alone may add up to the cost of putting one of those together.

    I have a much better chance of building it here myself if the plans are useful.
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    I have heard good things about these hammers. Ive also read several forums that suggested mods to various parts of the hammer. Does anyone know what "Mod" these plans are for? Also what size dies do these use, and how are they attached?

    Thanks and God Bless
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    The anvil is 6" round. You can scale the dies in the pic.

    They attach to the anvil with hex socket cap screws

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