Tiny Spencer Knife for sale


Hello I am selling this Tiny Spencer knife. Its never been used. The handle is fossilized walrus ivory. I have not seen anything carved like this by Tiny. (I am sure he has carved many)I see some of the mammoth tooth handle ones going for $2000.00. I really know nothing about knifes. This was a gift. I have to sell this due to illness. I will ask $2000.00 and ship for free. I can take bank transfers, money orders and if needed Paypal but I have to charge more if you use paypal it will be 2250.00 because they charge me. I have cherished this knife for a long time and hate to even sell it. :sad::sad:
Sale Sale Sale!!

Hello, Due to the wonderful Obummer care I got to sell this knife. I am going to ask 1500.00 or best offer. Free shipping still.