Tim's Camp Set


"The Montana Bladesmith"
Made these for my son Tim Ufferman (Tim is the creator/owner of KnifeMakerTraining.com) for Christmas.

Camp Knife is 10" blade of differentially heat treated 1084, Black Ultrex handle material, and a 9-10oz sheath
I stenciled the flames with flat black Gun-Kote, and then finished it off with a coat of satin clear Gun-Kote

The Camp Hatchet is solid 52100, with the same Ultrex handle material as the knife, along with the same stenciling/Gun-Kote finish

Finally, a full size Camp Axe. This one is 4140 steel, with a 1080 bit forge welded in, 34" Hickory handle, with African Blackwood buttcap. Same stenciling/Gun-Kote finish at the knife and hatchet.

Thanks folks! I know that with use the "flames" will eventually get scratched/scuffed, but I told Tim to "Use em like they're free!" Now we'll see if he does! :)
Those look amazing!
Have you used gun kote before?
Ive been wondering how well it hold up compared to other spray on's.