Time for another Giveaway! Stabilized Amboyna Burl Block

Kris Martinelli

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Thanks man,
ya know,I'm luckier than any ol' Lucky Rabbit's Foot!
Anyone wanna rub a Lucky Wolf's Belly?:biggrin:

I was just going to say nice win, but then visions of.........I can't say here, now I am going to PTSD counseling twice this week!!!! The vision of Wolf's Belly???????????? This is way too traumatic, he's probably gonna rub the wood on his belly for even more luck, oh I have to stop the visions, the cruelty of such a comment..................Oh my mom's calling me for dinner gotta go!! :sad:

Good job bro!!


The Knife Poet
Thanks guys,
and again Christina,
Thank You!!!
This is one of my all-time favorite woods,
but yours will be the first stabilized amboyna I've had,
and it's going to find a home on a very,very special knife...my 1st folder design!
(possibly,and probably will be paired with an Alabama Damascus blade)


The Knife Poet
Christina,the amboyna arrived today!
Beautiful burl,and I'll post pics of where it's going to find a home (when it's done)!
Thank you once again,
Merry Christmas!