Threading question


Michael Minto

Don't know if this is the right forum, but couldn't find anyplace else that seemed more suitable; anyway...

I'm wanting to cut threads on a knife tang, and thread a butt cap to fit on it; however, since I want to put a "crow's/bird beak" feature on the handle, I want to have more of the cap material hanging down, "6 o'clock", so to speak, on the knife's handle so I may properly shape it. If I have described this clear enough, can anyone help? Thanks, Mike
This shouldn't be that hard to do after you get the first one figured out.

Threading the tang is simple enough. Either thread it with a die before heat treat, or anneal the tang afterward and thread it. Pretty straight forward.

Getting the bird's beak to be pointed in the right direction (a protrusion from the butt cap, no?) will be the trick. I would suggest dry fitting the knife all together so you know where the butt cap will be threaded to. Just thread a piece of bar stock as your butt cap. Once it's threaded tight, mark it so you can re-index it. Draw out your shape and then grind the butt cap to whatever shape you want. The fitting up of the butt cap to the threaded tang will take lots of trial and error to get the threaded tang trimmed to the right length, unless you allow it to stick through the end and just grind it flush when you are done. Another route is to countersink a corby bolt into the butt which will engage your tang threads, then grind the corby bolt head flush with the butt. This is what I do to avoid seeing threads on the butt.
John, thanks for the great suggestions - I will give it a shot, and post a pic or two when it's done :)
You guy's suggestion about the Corby bolt is VERY interesting - I'm going to give it a shot!