Thoughts on the Nov. 9th Wannemacher Gun Show


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Spent most of the day at the Biggest Gun show in the World. Still a bargain at $10 to gain entry. Was a little disappointed though. In the past, I've had the honor of meeting some great Custom Makers. But this time, I could only find maybe 5 or 6. Saw Mike Miller which is always a pleasure. He has this orange handled boning knife that is still calling my name!! Dozier was there as well as a few others. Didn't see Bill Coye and others that I can remember as being regulars. I may have entirely missed them (has happened before), but I looked hard.

Was nice seeing Jantz back, but they had a smaller booth than at previous shows. I was standing there look at some knife blocks and I heard one guy say "Wow, glad to see someone brought some knife making stuff". His buddy replied "Yeah, there's a company in Southern Oklahoma called Jantz that sells lots of knife making stuff" LOL Jantz probably needed a banner put out!

Prices on a lot of the guns and ammo stuff still seemed a little high. 22lr was still hard to find and when you did, oh boy. One box of 50 Federal 22lr ammo was $15! Bricks were going for anywhere from $60 to $80. Did see one box of 338 Lapua for $150! Oh I wanted to buy 10 boxes and I don't even own a gun in that caliber! ;)

Another disappointment was the amount of jewelry dealers there. In times past, Wannemacher strictly forbid these types of "Flea Market' dealers. I guess they needed to fill booths this time around.

Would be interesting to hear from others who attended this show and get your thoughts on it as well.

mike miller

Glad you came by Don. Busy day up to the last hour. Heard a lot of powder and primers went out the door in place of ammo.
Knives sold well at least in our area. i was relieved because I thought with the economy it might be slow. Paul Lusk next to me had his best show ever. Deservedly so with the quality he puts out.

J.D. Hill

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I always enjoy this show whether I buy something or not. Always nice to see things you never get to see anywhere else. Didn't buy much just a pair of grips, a beef stick and a bundle of micarta from Dozier.