The new Black Dragon edition to the workshop

Martin Schutte

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This is my first and brand new forge that I bought from a friend of mine he makes them and call them the "Black Dragon forge" post boxMK I and MK II Damascus forge(MK II the one that i have in the pics)

It runs full blast at +- 1400 Deg Celsius, the refractory is graded 1600 and you need two bottles to run at once for welding Damascus. Another buddy made me the Goose neck tongs. If there is some more money will buy some other different tongs to fill the gaps!!

Hope you like it i`m really gonna love using the forge :biggrin:!!

Martin Schutte


The Black Dragon forge name derives from the sound this Beast makes!
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HHH Knives

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Yep, The pictures are working now! It looks like a great addition to your smithy! I have only heard good things about these. and they just look COOL! :) Let us know how ya like it after a few months of forging! :)

Bruce Bump

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Thats a handsome forge. does it have a rear opening? cant tell. The laser/water cut logo is cool. Now lets see some flames. :biggrin:

Drew Riley

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Cool looking forge...

I might be worried about copyright/licensing infringment with that particular name and logo however.... Just a little too similar if not almost identical to the "Mortal Kombat" franchise. In fact, I originally thought that maybe he got that plate off an old Mortal Kombat pinball machine or something.

Steve Randall

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Cool looking forge I haven't seen one of those before. The angel of the burners seem like it would help eliminate hot spot? Like to hear how you like it.