The Green Chili Squadron


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Just finished this one for the owner of a fleet of food trucks here in New Mexico. She calls her company The Green Chili Squadron and she happens to be my oldest daughter, Brie.

Steel: 3/32" AEB-L flat ground and satin finish
Heat Treat: Jeff at Tru Grit
OAL: 13"
Blade length: 8"
Handle: Boss' G-10 with Carbon Fiber pins
Handle Liners: Black

Thanks for looking.

I love how you tied the handle into the green chili theme of the knife / theme of her company. Very well done. I'm loving the geometry of the blade.

Interesting tidbit, lately clients are asking me to round off the corner at the heel of the blade. I follow Japanese profiles, so the blade is sharpened all the way to the back of the heel because there is no plunge. I guess I'm not the only one who has stabbed myself in the hand with the heel. I like that your blade rounds up at the plunge/ricasso so that as the knife is repeatedly sharpened you don't end up with a chunk of ricasso/guard hitting the board before the edge, and if so it's easily ground off.
Hi Wallace;

Just thought I'd say hello from Santa Fe. I'm a new KnifeDogs member, and so far am enjoying the site.

By the way, I'm making some kitchen knives for Christmas presents. They are my first kitchen knives, so I'm kind of bumbling my way through them. I would like to add some liners between the scales and tang but I do not have time to order any from a supply house. Do you know of any easily obtained materials that would make good liners?


Sprayman, if you have to use liners there are some locally sourced options. If you don't have a local plastics supply place, you can head to your local office supply store and buy vinyl binders or pocket folders. The colors are nearly unlimited. You can stack for thickness if need be. *Vinyl liners aren't ideal. You have to be *very* careful when you grind your handle to shape after glue-up because the vinyl will want to melt/smear. It's not the end of the world because you can hand sand to dress the lines up. If you are careful you can avoid the melting/smearing. I just had this problem using plastic liner material from a knife supplies house, so it's not unique to using folders. As soon as I got the liner material in I immediately thought of those folders. I think it's the same material.

Another option would be to call a sign maker shop. They may have some sheeting they use for open/closed door signs, etc. Even Lowe's and Home Depot have signs/placards of various colors.
Another option is to use plastic bottles,buckets and tote lids. I have used laundry soap plastic bottles as spacers and liners on knives. They too will melt if they get too hot.