Test photo from Imgur

Yes there is.

I used http://imgbb.com - but if using imgur I'm not sure. I never opened an acct there so can't test it. Photobucket you would use:

Ooops, I forgot the photobucket image might not show up for everybody - I'd be interested in hearing from anybody who only sees the dreaded photobucket blocked image.
Let me rephrase that question. Using Imgur is there a way to post a photo directly to the forum???

As Photobucket they can go suck on a rotten persimmon for all I care!! Charging up to $400.00 a year to post my own photo's not No but he!! No! I would not post a photo on Photobucket if I could afford their outrageous price!! Just the principal of it!!!
Well, how about that - my photobucket doesn't show up now. That's a first - it was my understanding when you got more than 200 photos stored was when the limit kicked in. I've also got the Chrome extension that's to allow Photobucket images to show. Maybe it all quit working.

Cliff, try the http://imgbb.com/ I linked to above. It's free, easy, and as you can see, the photos show up in your post. I don't think you even have to create an acct. I tried to check Imgur, but didn't see a way without creating an acct there. I just created an imgur acct and still didn't see a way to make images show up direct in thread. Just try the imgbb.com link - it's easy
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Ken, are you a paying member for photobucket. If not they are blocking your photos. I used them for years, then they upgraded and the whole system got so slow, it was almost running backwards. Its been like that for a year or more and then out of the blue they decide they are going to hold all of us free folks hostage. I finally managed to get most of my photos back off of their site. But I learned a lesson there!! I still got an account there but can't do anything with it!

Soooooooooo that is why I was looking for another site to post photos from. Thus Imgur. I became a member last night and it doesn't charge as of yet anyway. I was inquiring to anyone else out there who may have used imgur about posting an actual photo rather, than a link to the photo! At least this way as Ted said, I can keep my photos on my PC!

Now that I think about that. Does that mean that too view the photo is the link taking you back to my PC??? I don't understand enough about computers and the net to understand how that sort of thing works. My son in law is computer nerd, he can go thru things on a PC and change and figure out what is wrong before I can read the screen in front of me!! I told him one day that was the problem with PC's, folks who are too smart design them and the principles of how the programs work. They need someone like me to design them a "redneck" program!! I mean good Lord when you ask it to do something, it ought to do it. Instead of acting like a woman that you have to romance and take out to dinner. I mean a PC ain't got the ability to even come close to the love of a good woman!!! LOL

Ken, I tried the link, http://imgbb.com/ last night but was in a hurry and I didn't want to join another photo host! I mean I already got three that I am not wild about.

<a href="http://ibb.co/bJQt0m"><img src="http://thumb.ibb.co/bJQt0m/Pics_2015_159_zpsymmwvvpq.jpg" alt="Pics_2015_159_zpsymmwvvpq" border="0"></a>

It appears you can use it without being a member but, I must be doing something wrong as I have tried all three codes, Links, HTML Codes, and BB Codes but, still can't seem to get a pic posted just a link!

Well the links work but I still haven't figured out how to post a pic directly!! I guess I am technology challenged. I will say this it was easy, if I can just figure out "how to"!
OK Cliff - how about the image below? It's done with acct in imgbb.com - IF the post is done without acct, it doesn't give full options. BUT - with acct signed in, after uploading, below the image of uploaded file, there is box saying "embedded codes", in that box select "direct links" and that will give the code to embed to this forum. To post on forum, on the menu bar above typing space, click on the image icon just to the right of the happy face, and paste the link from imgbb.com into that spot and you should get the image below.

Oh, one more thing, you might have to reduce the image size to 300 to 400kb, not sure. Some forums will limit the size of images that can be used. By reducing the size of image, it saves a LOTS of bandwidth and still has the same quality of image displayed on computer screen. Any questions, just holler.
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Ken, I am not sure if this is working or not. You know I swear I posted this somewhere, I must have forgot to hit post!

Hey I think I finally got this figured out. Go to http://imgbb.com/

click on uploading, the option to browse from your computer files will appear

or if you click start uploading, it will automatically open your picture file on your PC

once you highlight the picture in the file, click open

and click upload for picture, it will upload in just a few seconds

where it says embedded codes, click on BB code fully linked

this will give you a code for the pic, copy code

go back to forum and click image link, when it opens provide link code

and the pic is on the forum at the correct size

If I can do anyone can!!

Thanks Ken, now that I figured it out this probably easier than photobucket ever thought of and you do not have to join to use it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why use online storage at all? If I load my photos right here on KD I NEVER have to manage them again. Meaning...if I get busy in a year and do not check in here I do not have to worry that some rapacious hosting site has broken every link I had...thus diminishing the quality of the site for others.

Tried searching old posts here lately? Busted link after busted link....

So much for lesson learned....? Most of those will never be repaired. Was this my site I wouldn't give an option....all pics would be stored on site.

Ted, I agree 100% on uploading to the site storage - never have to worry about broken links again..... as long as the KD site doesn't have a catastrophic crash and lose them. When the question was asked, storing on KD just didn't click for some reason - that's where I normally store my photos, just upload from computer direct to KD. I use offstite for a couple other forums (guns, castbullets, etc) that don't offer on-site storage of photos.

Ken H>
Most likely the chance of KD having a catastrophic failure is way down on the list compared to any photo hosting site letting you get settled in for "free" and then pulling a train heist on you....lol.

Also...when storing here..the pic is on the KD site...not continually being accessed from your PC. Otherwise everytime you turned off your PC there would be busted links. I think the reason it is a bit counter-intuitive is that the "load picture" wants a link....I would make the "load file" say "load file or picture". a .JPG is just another
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