Teardrop Wharncliffe

Johnny Roberts

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This green and black slip joint is a new pattern that I have been tinkering with. It is a slim comfortable slipjoint that will fit well in the pocket. 59Rc on the blade and 47-48 on the spring. Satin finish on the bolsters and blade.

The blade is a wharncliffe design and is a really good slicer. Good for cordage, whittling, slicing apples or just keeping your fingernails clean. I like the blade and the design and expect that there will be more like this one to follow.

The pull on this one is just fantastic. It gets lots of nice comments.

This teardrop design will set you back 250.00.

More pictures here.

Please contact me to make this one yours. I will hate to see this one go but it needs to be put to good use.

Many thanks,