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Thank you all again for your really kind comments, it is so heart warming to see so much talent on this site and so much encouragement for others from all parts of the globe, what the world needs these days!!.

All the very best to you all.




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You certainly are correct about the world calming down, we need to realize that this is small planet and that killing each other is not the answer.
The useful aspect of hobbies is that they are a diversion from the day to day drudgery that we all encounter, each one of us has our own particular diversion
and traditional folding pocket knives are one of the many diversions that occupy my mind. To me it means live and let live and what i do is none of anyone
else's business, as long as i don't hurt anyone else...



Great wharncliffe blade! I'm a sucker for the "wharnies" and this one looks pretty classic and clean.

Well Done!