Swept Point Skinner 1095/with hamon

Discussion in 'Custom Knife Forum' started by JeremyBartlett, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. JeremyBartlett

    JeremyBartlett Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, got outside to take a few pics today. Here is my take on a sharpfinger. This one in .125 1095 with maple burl and canvas micarta pins. Hope you like it!

    spskinner2.jpg spskinner3.jpg IMG_20170910_185951_056.jpg
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  2. C Craft

    C Craft Well-Known Member

    Sweeeeeeeeet! Love the whole package!!
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  3. Rick Otts

    Rick Otts Well-Known Member

    Great job!
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  4. Justin Presson

    Justin Presson Well-Known Member

    I think it looks awesome. Those micarta pins almost disappear that maple burl I like it.
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  5. GeneK


    Very nice! Love the maple burl.
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  6. JeremyBartlett

    JeremyBartlett Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the kind words guys. I really didn't know how those micarta pins were going to look, but I'm glad I went with them instead of stainless or nickel silver. They do blend right in with the maple. I have another one of these almost finished except for the handle...think I might go with some redwood burl with either canvas or linen pins
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  7. bladegrinder

    bladegrinder Well-Known Member

    Very nice Jeremy!
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  8. Smallshop

    Smallshop KNIFE MAKER

    How did I miss this one....? Beautiful!! The super clean photos show it off well.
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  9. JeremyBartlett

    JeremyBartlett Well-Known Member

    Thanks man! I actually used my dslr camera for these instead of my usual phone camera pics!
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  10. MikeL


    Looks great. I’ve been attempting a Hamon like that and have yet to get it near as good as you did.
  11. Lagrange

    Lagrange Well-Known Member

    Crisp and clean with complimentary handle material. I like that. Good job!

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