Strong's Concordance

Raymond Richard

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For several months now I have been meeting once a month with a friend who is well versed in the Bible mainly to give me a better grasp on what it is all about. He had showed me how to us the Strong's the previous month and then the beginning of this month he had given me an old extra one he had along with more instruction on how to use it which I had almost instantly forgotten. Happened to find this on youtube which explains how to use it. He starts out with Adam's rib which is very interesting. Thought I would pass this along.

HHH Knives

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Thanks for the links Ray.

My mom gifted me with a Strong's a few years ago and honestly it doest get used as often as I had thought it would. Yet, its a great resource and when I have used it I found it to be VERY helpful! Gona add this t my favs so I can find it again later,

God Bless YA

Calvin Robinson

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I have a Strong's Concordance and a Strong's Bible Dictionary,both of these are a big help.
Sometimes I just read through the dictionary,but I'm weird that way,just love to read and learn.