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Could some one give me some guidance on making straight razors for shaving. I saw a video that go me very interested. Ide like to make them from cpm 154 or 154cm , I also have some ats34 . Doesnt matter to me they all will hold a good edge. The design and construction will be the main issue for me I havent held one in 30 years and only seen the one on the net . If some one could give me some guidance I would really appreciate it. Thanks Kellyw
I would also like to see a product that crosses the line between knife and razor. In other words, a good quality razor akin to a Sweeney Todd.

I use Graham Brothers Razels, and there are just some times when ultimate precision is needed in a portable edged tool. I saw a local cobbler slice a piece of horsehide for me for use as a long, finely grained strop. His knife was probably a tool dedicated for shop use, but he sliced it effortlessly.
Since from the edge well up into the blade is paper thin, they need to be wet ground. The edge needs to be flexible because it is so thin. If you harden the edge to much it will chip and then it will be like shaving with a micro saw blade. I would temper for less hardness. You will want to strop it every time anyway.

The last one I got off ebay was $5.00. You can get some deals on them and try it out. There is a reason people don't use them any more. It is a pain. LOL!

Good luck with the 1
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I understand. We have a "bulk" knife dealer at our local mall that often carries those Chinese 'Todd' models. I've often wondered if it would make an off-beat project. The irony is that mine would actually slice.

At some visceral level, a glittering razor and a wry smile define true insanity. And, of course, that appeals to me.

They're cheap, I'll see if I can find one and do a pictorial when it's completed.
Mike I went to straight razors place and had my request for help on making straight razors removed from the forum. I did not feel welcome and and kinda think its like a snob forum .I hope I spelt it right . I will now ask one of our own members for help, im sure the response will be better than the greeting I got over there.
I have been a member on Straight Razor place for a while. I do not post much, just read. It is a shame they removed your post.

Sometimes I have a hard time finding things in the forum there, I will post this link just in case you did not see it, it is a sub forum called "The Forge" all about making razors.
Hellgap, the links I posted are correct. There are places I have been where I didn't feel welcome either. SRP is an exception in that way. They have an active group of mentors whose job it is to welcome newcomers and answer questions. I find it an interesting and refreshing difference. I wouldn't have sent you to some place I didn't think would help. I've learned a lot over there myself.
Mike I will be honest they didnt like me letting their members know I will be selling razors soon . I guess they figure I was moving in on their turf. But now that I said that I will be making and selling razors soon as I figure out how too . LOL
Here is the exact coversation
Glen you moved my post to a place I cant even find. Is this a free site ??? I would understand fully if I was way out of line , all I was doing was letting people know if they would like a razor in the future ide be making them soon . I cam here with the intention that I was told people here would be willing to help me learn to make straight razors. Am I wrong ??

Advertising that you would make them at all for other people, is where you crossed the forum rules... That is what we don't allow, there are only a few places on the form that we allow "Advertising" in of any kind...

The Classifieds but you don't qualify to use them yet

The Vendors Corner, but you are not a Vendor here on SRP

And you are allowed to link an E-bay ad in the Auction Talk Forum...

What we do NOT allow is exactly what you did, which is with your very first post to offer something for sale...

The forum is free as can be BUT we do have very strict rules for selling on here, which you agreed to with the terms of use when you signed in......

Again I suggest that you do some reading in the Workshop Forum, The Forge, and the Custom Gallery...
There are some very experienced guys on here that will be more than happy to help you down the right paths to making razors...

Enjoy your time on SRP


Always V/R (very respectfully).... Glen
SRP mods have required separate requests for information and advertising services. It sounds like you crossed a line by blending the two together and Glen redirected your request for help to the appropriate forums. Now all you have to do is wait for requested privileges in the advertising or vendor sections.

It doesn't sound much different than restricted privileges here or other forums. SRP functions on a donation basis, so I know you don't have to pay to be a dealer, vendor, advertiser. But there are limitations everywhere nowadays it seems.
Thanks Mike its too bad it went down like that but what ever. When a person types some text on any site it seems like there are 12 pages of rules . In my own case the words for sale could have been removed . I have found a person willing to help me with all I will need to know. And I will be all ears listening when he tells me what I need to do . Kellyw