Storage Method: Custom Fixed Blade Collection

The Burgh

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Sharing this idea to see if anyone has opinions, improvements or alternatives.

Got the idea from a Brous Mini Division I bought. Arrived stored in a clear plastic tube (ideal for visual identification) with plastic end caps.

Bought "Viewtainer" 2.75" x 12" tubes (which come with end caps in various colors). Placed wadded-up perforated tool drawer liner in tube, leaving enough room for dessicant sack. Bought those little mesh "gift bags" with draw strings at a hobby store and filled them 1/3 full with crystal cat litter. Put the draw-string-cinched dessicant bag into the tube below the shelf liner (so it doesn't come into contact with the knife) and capped that end. Put knife (properly treated for storage), blade down, into other end and capped. Could easily cut tube to shorter lengths, but saw no reason.

The only reservation I have is the possible drying effect of the dessicant on the wooden handles (which are treated with Renaissance Wax). We'll see.

Again, looking for as many opinions as possible.

Thanks, Folks!
You know I read this thread a long time ago and have checked back several times to see if pics were ever posted, and the answer has been no! So today I Goggled Viewtainer" 2.75" x 12" tubes, and the second hit was this site.

So now I know what The Burg was speaking of. I have seen these in the big box home improvements stores as well. In fact I bought some to put small parts in as when sealed they are pretty tight never thought of using them as a display product. However I can envision a piece of wood with troughs cut into them for the tubes to lay in so the tubes won't roll all over the place. It could make a good display but also great for storing parts for multiple knife projects you maybe working on. I know in my own shop I have used open containers at times, and sometimes they get hit and spill parts all over. Sometimes the Gremlins just seem to get a hold of them but, at least with the tubes the Gremlins would have to learn how to open them to loose the parts! LOL

Oh well, just thought I would finish a thought on this one. might benefit someone!!