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I’ve tried to get in touch with Bo at blue lightning three times over the last week and I haven’t heard a peep. He already has my artwork but fortunately I have a copy to. Who do you guys recommend for stencils and what kind of turnaround could I expect?
T.U.S. Technologies and IMG Electromark are both great to deal with. Can't remember the turnaround time, but fast.
I use a Brother P Touch Label Maker connected to my computer. It uses stencil tape. I only use the stencil one time. ---To burn in the mark, I use a power supply from an old TV. It is 110 volt, 16-volt 3-amp output. A battery charger will work. or a battery tender might work. I have found that 5 to 16 volt and 2 to 4 amp will work. A lot of small power supplies that come with electronics will work. Connect a small alligator clip to one wire and a brass bolt to the other wire. Connect the clip to the blade -- secure a bit of felt to the end of the bolt then dampen the felt with salt water and you're ready to make your mark. Of course, you will need to experiment to get your burn time down. You only need to buy stencils or a label maker, the power supply you can find for free.