Steel Question


Ok I have purchased steel From Admiral Steel in the past. Mostly 1075/1080. After reading I want to try some 01. So I look at the prices. 1/8 x 1 1/2 x 18 = $20.35. I talk to my machinist friend who say I should look at this place KBC tools. So I look them up and find Starrett 01 with the same dimensions as above for $10.41. I am not saying anything bad about Admiral they are very helpful. I just want to know if anyone has ever used KBC Tools? I should say that there is a $25 min order. If you want to check the out they are on the web at
I don't think Admiral shops around to see if their prices are competitive. I discovered the hard way that you have to compare prices and that you don't save more than a couple cents when buying larger pieces from them. usually you save a little money if you buy a 6" wide piece as opposed to four 1.5" wide pieces, not at admiral, it was like 6 cents cheaper. You just have to check other suppliers first.
If you don't have an oven, salt system, or other controled heat source, you will not be able to HT 01 anywhere near it's potential. It would be a waste of money. 01 requires a 20 minute soak at quench temp, around 1475° to 1500°, in order to get a good austenite solution. ENCO also has good prices on Starrett 01, but you need controlable heat in order to HT it.

Hello, check ebay and search in industrial and tool catagorie to find some good deals on 01 tool steel, I've had some luck there...:bud: