Stained knife liner tips?

Mark Barone

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I usually don’t have a problem, this time I am not happy with the stain. I’m not sure if it’s the combo of the African black wood and the spacer. Any tips on bringing down to a clean green?EFD4BC64-0CFD-4196-B3A4-BC9A42F4A65C.jpeg

Randy Lucius

What is the liner material? G10? As you said, it's usually not a problem. You might try carefully cleaning it with some Acetone. If that doesn't work some very tedious sanding of just the spine and liners. If you have to resand the edges of the scales to make them even try not to get any of that sanding residue on the liner. Hopefully some Acetone or Denatured Alcohol will clean it.


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What grit did you take the handle to? I don't have a lot of G10 experience, but when I have used it, I noticed that it didn't start looking good (had streaking) until I got to 800-1500-5000 grit.
I believe the G10 is actually burned a bit which is causing it to look that way.
This could be, but I think it could also be nothing more than blackwood dust trapped in the coarser grit scratches. I say this because the handle where I have experience was blue dyed maple and black G10, and the G10 looked grey/purple (which I took to be the blue dust) until either 800 or1500 grit when it started to go away.


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It appears to be the wood dust getting picked up into the G-10.
I frequently have the same problem using white G-10 liners with desert ironwood scales.
Once in a while acetone will take it out, otherwise I sand carefully to a much higher grit.