Stag and Hamon. Been a while

Discussion in 'Custom Knife Forum' started by Jim Coffee, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Jim Coffee

    Jim Coffee Well-Known Member

    A stag knife i made this past year. Forged w-2 and sambar stag

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  2. Rudy Joly

    Rudy Joly Well-Known Member

    Beautiful lines on that one, well done.

  3. Ruger4

    Ruger4 Well-Known Member

    Real nice Jim.....
  4. MVPeterson

    MVPeterson Well-Known Member

    Like this one a lot Jim. Very nice!
  5. John Wilson

    John Wilson Well-Known Member

    perfect fit and finish, especially with the guard to stag fit. your hamon is incredible.
  6. Daniel Rohde

    Daniel Rohde Well-Known Member

    I love that stage in there! Really pulls it together
  7. HHH Knives

    HHH Knives Super Moderator

    Beautiful work Jim!
  8. BrandantR

    BrandantR Well-Known Member

    That's a gorgeous knife! I love everything about it.

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